Many Parts, One Body

Pro-life efforts in the Diocese of Birmingham are diverse and widespread.  There are Crisis Pregancy Centers, educational efforts, prayerful witnesses at abortion facilities, education efforts, as well as the normal every day living out of the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy in our institutions and by individuals, all of which are “Pro-Life.”

My efforts in this office will be focused on communication and support.

We want all Catholics and all individuals of whatever background who live within the Diocese of Birmingham to know, first of all, that when they are experiencing a crisis, difficulty, or challenge related to any aspect of life – at its beginnings to its natural end – the Body of Christ is ready to embrace them in that difficulty and support them in decisions that celebrate God’s gift of life.

But how can they know that unless they are told?

So I’ll be working, first of all, in developing a mailing list of pro-life coordinators from  every parish and Catholic high school in the diocese.

These coordinators – as well as anyone else who would like to be on the mailing list – will receive bimonthly emails of local and national news related to life issues, ideas, bulletin notices and encouragement.

One of my priorities will be to develop a pro-life speaker’s bureau for our diocese with the names of individuals with particular areas of expertise, both in subject matter and experience with various speaking formats and audiences. If you have any names you would like to suggest for this resource list, please let me know.

We will be encouraging all parishes to have Pro-Life Committees and providing training resources and opportunities for those interested in serving on those committtees.

We’ll be working with parishes and local media in giving wider publicity to opportunities for pro-life witness and shared prayer inside churches and out.

That’s only a partial list. Stay tuned to this blog for frequent updates on local activities and resources.


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